Common issues

Issue Known fix, workarround or poorly thought out excuse
The game runs like poop Does your system meet the recommanded specs ? Try lowering the graphical settings and waiting for assets to load in.
The game looks like poop Don’t hurt my feelings like that. You can always help as an artist or a shader guru
You call that a game ? Where’s all the content ? Waiting to be created !
Why isn’t this made in C++ ? C++ is overrated and there are already a good load of decent C++ voxel game engines. This is a JVM shop
Why must I register on your website ? We’re sorry about that actually, it’s a holdout feature. You can help us fix it !

Bug reporting

The game crashes on you or acts very weird ? The fastest way to let us know is to hit us up on Discord, but if you don’t like Discord you can also reach us on reddit. You can also use GitHub issues.