Cool stuff about Chunk Stories


While Minecraft is definitly a huge world, it somehows managed to lack a sense of scale. Chunk Stories features a default maximal height of 1024 blocks, up to 64x64km maps looping arround themselves and a view distance of one kilometer, so you'll truly feel inside a huge world.


Chunk Stories features a modern Vulkan renderer to get every bit of performance and visual candy possible. Our renderer supports custom textures and shaders out of the box and is greatly customizable.


Modding Chunk Stories is as easy as cloning a Github repo, reading a tutorial and starting to have fun. There is no deobfuscation to do, no tedious recompiling of the entire game client, no akward hacks and hoops to jump through to create a modded server: Drag and drop a few mods into your server directory and you're done !

Free of bullshit

Chunk Stories is free. Not only free to play, but also free of bullshit: there is no early access scheme where our fans pay for the privilege of doing our QA, no crowdfunding where we sell you a package of cool sounding ideas, just a game made on free time.
Chunk Stories is free software: The code of the engine, API and core content is licensed under LGPL3, and available at Github.

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