Cool stuff about Chunk Stories


While Minecraft is definitly a huge world, it somehows manage to lack a sense of scale. Chunk Stories features a default maximal height of 1024 blocks, up to 64x64km worlds looping arround themselves and a view distance of one kilometer.


Pixel-art is all well and good, but flat shading and dull water is not. Chunk Stories is build arround a tailor-made engine supporting all kinds of fancy visual threats. We don't neglegt low-budget players either and the game runs playably on an intel hd 5500.


We won't pretend we have the best modding system on the world, because there is no such thing. What we will say howether, is that we like to keep things straightforward, that we document and specify our code and that we'll use our own API to build the official content. We use standard, open, documented formats like PNG, OGG, OBJ and BVH as well as a few homebrew file formats with simplistic syntax.


There are some practices currently common in the industry that are definitly questionable. In particular we find that the crowdfunding and early-access models are terrible, flawed and they lead to abuse too often. The bottom line is you won't pay for this game until it is actually worthy of buying and not an agluttination of promises.

“Le mensonge des chambres à air ”