An entity system that doesn’t suck

One of the more complicated things that I’m learning to deal with as I’m slowly writing an entire game engine by myself, is how to arrange code for complicated systems into a pattern that is both concise, clear to understand and easy to maintain. By far the most complicated type of objects in Chunk Stories are the Entities. Entities are any complex object that exists in the world and isn’t part of the voxel grid/terrain. Entities have to be serialized, both on disk and over the network, they have to be rendered using very specific rules for each of them, but also rendered fast, they can represent anything from an item on the ground, a mob roaming the world, a vehicle you can drive or a player model with many abilities ( mining, using items etc ) and properties ( rotation, food level etc ).

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We’re live!

This blog is intended to use as another source of information along with the Wiki and Official Discord for Chunk Stories.

This is going to be mainly about development news and technical posts, but we can also use this to discuss future gameplay plans, or strategies for the project in a broader sense. Posts from contributors are fine too !