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-====== XolioZ ====== 
-XolioZ is a gamemode avaible for Minecraft and Chunk Stories, it was born from the vein of DayZ lookalikes and has quite a fair bit of history on the now-defunc [[http://​|Xoliocraft]] servers. 
-==== Introduction ==== 
-XolioZ started as a DayZ clone in Minecraft in mid-2012. It has had many versions and seen tens of thousands of players over the years. At some point it even had it's own custom minecraft modded launcher (known as "//​XolioZ+//"​ ), causing a bit of confusion over what Chunk Stories is to older players. The XolioZ servers have been in French for the most of their existence, however we did have an english version with low frequentation at one point, and the Chunk Stories port *will* feature a translation. 
-Gameplay-wise... it's DayZ. You spawn, you avoid/run away from zombies, you loot spooky derelict towns to find guns and food, you stay away from players and you get killed by a guy roof camping. I'm not very good at making it sound good, but the players love it anyway, so there. The //XolioZ+// version even had vehicles at one point, making it way superior to the standalone version in terms of functionality at the time. These may get re-introduced in Chunk Stories at some point. 
-==== Chunk Stories version ==== 
-  * The game feature the [[Namalsk]] map exclusive to the Chunk Stories version. 
-  * The game has all the weapons of the latest (1.5.x) branch of the Minecraft version: 
-  * Automatic weapons: //AK-74//, AKM, M4, Uzi 
-  * Pistols: Makarov PM, M1911, M9-SD 
-  * Shotguns: Classic shotgun, AA12 
-  * Sniper rifles: DMR, SVD 
-  * Machineguns:​ M249, PKM 
-  * Special weapons: //​flamethrower,​ rpg-7// 
-  * //Frag and flashbang grenades// 
-Items in //italics// are not reimplemented yet, some lack 3d models and use a flat 2d icon as an imposter 
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