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ChunkStories Roadmap

Last update : 2018/04/11 08:47


Fix wavy bit Add material bitfield

  1. glow
  2. seethrough

API / design

  1. programatically have one item type per voxel ? very debatable
  2. have voxel materials instead of just materials
    1. parse them first
    2. inherit their properties

Chunk Stories Late January / February Roadmap

  • Investigate & Fix issues with server running long-term - Prevent errors in handling player disconection messing with reclaiming their world data handles ( or else we end up in OOM land ) server rewrite seems to have that fixed
  • Move away from hardcoded IDs and implement automatic object ID allocation done
  • Integrate the Bullet physics engine ( using LibGDX's wrapper ) and asess it's viability as a complete physics solution
    • Entity to entity collision is a must-have
  • Move away from my custom .obj loader and just use assimp like everyone else - Allow voxels to use models too
  • [Pending] Investigate legui/other clean gui solutions ( or just clean up my own shit )
    • Expose that GUI to the API
  • Make the shader pipeline layout configurable (DSL?) wip
  • Formulate a plan to create a proper UDP-based transport protocol for the game instead of just using TCP
    • Multiplexing multiple channels behind an auth layer, offering both:
    • (Interruptible ?) Streaming of files and map bits
    • Game packets with flags for loss tolerance, out-of-order-delivery tolerance
    • Tie those with server-side world ticks
    • All built atop UDP (with TCP fallback?)
    • Crypto ?
  • Release the main engine source code as free software, just like the API and the core content done
    • And eventually do so with xolioz as a gamemode ( rebrand it as to keep the name a trademark ? )
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation

Other stuff todo


  • Smoother streaming (via another socket?)
  • Network interpolation
  • Network time-travel (lag compensation)
  • Do the work on sound server-side (walking in on looped sources)
  • add slopes/OBB collisions for player movement


  • Bleeding and bandages
  • Prone mode and making crouching animations less crappy
  • Basic mining and building
  • Fists fights
  • Reload sounds and animations
  • Proper sounds and music
  • Burned out vehicles and litter on Namalsk


  • Fix door inventory bug (related to item 'origin' )

Graphics TODO

Left to do

  • Do some fancy shit to auto-instanciate calls ?
  • Or provide means to do it manually trivially
  • Draw the envmap cubemap in a single pass ( gta4 style ) or just faster

First Open alpha targets

Any open alpha should not be released until these conditions are met :

  • Have at least one gamemode prototype working Check.
  • Have a prototype API working both on client and server Check.
  • Local server (lo) for singleplayer debug Sort of, incomplete but does the job
  • Downloading of mods on connection Check.
  • Automated builds Moved and unified build scripts to use Gradle
  • Improved laucher ( notify updates etc ) Check.

Hey it's out.

Beta targets

The following milestones are what are restraining us from beta access:

  • Localization system and French/English translations
  • A really fun, properly working official gamemode
  • AI for entities ( pathfinding in voxels mostly )
  • Sorted out GUI ( scrolling, no visual glithes )
  • “Stable” API that have arround Bukkit level of moddability
  • API fully documented
  • Secure enough ( no server should be able send you malicious mods that can harm your pc )

Futher goals

  • OpenGL ES support ? (as another renderer)
  • Controller support ?
  • VR ??? (hahaha)
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