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Options Guide

Chunk Stories uses a custom-made deffered renderer and can look very pretty, but also run terribly slow if you don't configure the options properly. This page is a guide to configure the game depending on your PC and enjoy the best experience possible.

The Rendering menu

  • View distance : 64-256, it's simply the distance the game will load and draw chunks up to. Setting it to 128 is a good compromise since any less looks very claustrophobic.
  • Realtime reflections: Toggles screen-space reflections, reflects nearby objects, medium fps impact.
  • Dynamic cubemaps: Toggles environment-map based reflections. Reflects the world at large, medium fps impact.
  • Shadows : on/off They add a lot to the game visuals but also require an additional pass to the render engine. If your PC could run Minecraft with shaders go for it, else try them and see how it goes.
  • Shadows resolution : 512 looks really blurry and aliased, 1024 is default, 2048 extends the range and 4096 is overkill and make them very precise.
  • Dynamic grass : Add a “wind” effect to plants. Costs 0 fps but some people dislike the effect.
  • HQ Terrain : Setting it to off improves performance on low-end machines, but makes far terrain very blocky
  • Per-pixel fresnel : Improve the visual quality of reflections and water, fps impact varies but on hight-end machines is negligible.
  • Enable clouds : Unused.
  • Bloom : Makes uses of the HDR support to allow for light bleeding. 5% fps impact at most.
  • Framerate : You can limit the framerate to save the planet, or more realistically your laptop battery.

The Video menu

Using F11 takes you back and forth between fullscreen and windowed mode and is much more easier to use.

  • Fov : Pretty self-explanatory, defines the angle your eyes can see things through.
  • Fullscreen and Fullscreen resolution : Configures the fullscreen mode. Warning, screwing up and setting it to unsupported modes leads to a game crash until you remove the config/client.cfg file from the .chunkstories folder.

Input, Sound menus

Nothing to explain here :]

Debug menu

Note: Some options may be disabled in servers as they could else be used for cheating

  • Debug G-Buffers : No use for you, helps to spot faults in normal maps and rendering glitches.
  • Debug collisions : Draws the hitboxes of blocks and entities near you
  • Debug information : Disabling it removes the debug text on the top-left of the screen
  • Frametime graph : Shows a graph of the time took to render the last frames
  • log-policy : Setting it to 'send' will send log reports to us
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