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Namalsk is the current default map for the Xolioz game mode, it is an island map of 4x4km size, featuring a mountain range, forests, cities, warehouses, bridges, creepy barns and braindead zombies. It is based on the DayZ Mod map of the same name, but with about two years of mucking about and freestyle modifications.


  • This map is actually ported over from Minecraft, the master copy is still a Minecraft version.
  • This map was made by mostly two people, Gobrosse did the base terrain in WorldPainter and the roads using custom software, and DarkMouton did about the entire map
  • This map re-uses schematics from the older Chernacube map, and that caused a bit of controversy in the early days
  • This map features a Payday 2 reference, can you find it ?
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