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Known problems and Workarounds

The game won't start

The launcher doesn't work

  • Are you using the latest version of Java ? Chunk Stories needs at least Java 8 to run.
  • Do you have access and permission to the .chunkstories folder ? ( %appdata%/Roaming )

The game doesn't start when I click Play

  • You did not update it to the latest version, or it's not installed. See How to play the game.
  • If the game asks you to update your drivers, do it, if it changes nothing maybye your machine is not supported. Contact the support and give them a crash report.
  • Check you've got enought free ram (~1Gb) before you launch it.

The game crashes when I enter the game/server

  • Consider lowering the video options, see this page to know how to.
  • You found a bug ! (maybye a relevant one even !) Consider yourself “lucky” and see Bugs reporting to help us get rid of it.

The game has problems

I have no inventory and chests don't have anything

Sometimes the game fails to download the server mods correctly, and for now there is no checksum/filesize checks yet. A telltale sign of having a broken server mod is having a grey interface inventory on the XolioZ gamemode. The fix is to close the game, delete the .chunkstories/servermods/ folder and let the game download it again.

The game freezes

Loading large portions of map can be quite ressource-intensive on dualcore CPUs. Workarounds are planned.

The physics suck, my blocks are not saved !

Proper gameplay is yet to be implemented, as of now only a basic demo/debug gameplay exists.

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