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 ====== Joining the team ====== ====== Joining the team ======
-So, you want to be a part of this adventure ? XolioWare Interactive is still yet a one-man thingbut I don't plan on leaving it as it isI need help now and in the future, ​and **you** might just be the person we need.+So, you want to be a part of this adventure ? It's coolwe're LGPL! Clone us on [Github](https://​​Hugobros3/​chunkstories)join the discussion on [Discord](https://​​wudd4pe) ​in the #dev channel ​and code away !
-To finish Chunk Stories I plan on needing at least web developer/​maintainer for the websitesomeone ​in charge of making pretty textures for the core game modes and some one to make sound and music for the game. Maybe a couple developers more would help, especially to work and maintain a few official gamemodes.+Here'​s ​quick & dirty list of the various skills we'd benefit from, in no particular order
-Here'​s ​quick & dirty list of the various skills I'll likely need and tasks to perform+ * An UDP guru with experience in writing game netcode 
 + * A Vulkan backend would be cool addition ( though lots of work ) 
 + * Sound is lackluster 
 + * Physics 
 + * Someone talented with pixel art and/or low-poly models and animation 
 + * Someone interested and skilled to manage the website/​forums/​etc,​ further down the line 
 + * Someone with a perfect English ​to correct my silly mistakes
-  * Someone with a good experience/​foothold ​of making plugin/​modding APIs for games ideally worked with Bukkit or something like that ) +I live in the [dirty south of Belgium](​watch?​v=aEdPOn0HmdQ) and thus I speak French ​natively, I'm studying at the University of Namur, if you happen to live or study nearby.
-  * Someone talented with pixel art +
-  * Someone interested and skilled to manage the website/forums/etc +
-  * Someone with a perfect English to correct my silly mistakes +
-  * Some kind of economic consultant when the money starts raining in +
- +
-I'm not sure at all how the game will end up economically speaking, I do plan on making money from it, but i'm not sure how to do so, neither if I should hire employees or contractors and even less on what to pay themThat's something we'll have to discuss if you're interested in working with us. +
- +
-live in Belgium and speak French, I'm studying at the University of Namur, if you happen to leave nearby ​that's always neat.+
 ===== Contact ===== ===== Contact =====
-***+ [Discord](https://​​wudd4pe) 
 + [[user:​gobrosse|Gobrosse]]
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