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Joining the team

So, you want to be a part of this adventure ? XolioWare Interactive is still yet a one-man thing, but I don't plan on leaving it as it is, I need help now and in the future, and you might just be the person we need.

To finish Chunk Stories I plan on needing at least a web developer/maintainer for the website, someone in charge of making pretty textures for the core game modes and some one to make sound and music for the game. Maybe a couple developers more would help, especially to work and maintain a few official gamemodes.

Here's a quick & dirty list of the various skills I'll likely need and tasks to perform

  • Someone with a good experience/foothold of making plugin/modding APIs for games ( ideally worked with Bukkit or something like that )
  • Someone talented with pixel art
  • Someone interested and skilled to manage the website/forums/etc
  • Someone with a perfect English to correct my silly mistakes
  • Some kind of economic consultant when the money starts raining in

I'm not sure at all how the game will end up economically speaking, I do plan on making money from it, but i'm not sure how to do so, neither if I should hire employees or contractors and even less on what to pay them. That's something we'll have to discuss if you're interested in working with us.

I live in Belgium and speak French, I'm studying at the University of Namur, if you happen to leave nearby that's always neat.


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