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Joining the team

So, you want to be a part of this adventure ? It's cool, we're LGPL! Clone us on Github, join the discussion on Discord in the #dev channel and code away !

Here's a quick & dirty list of the various skills we'd benefit from, in no particular order

  • An UDP guru with experience in writing game netcode
  • A Vulkan backend would be a cool addition ( though lots of work )
  • Sound is lackluster
  • Physics
  • Someone talented with pixel art and/or low-poly models and animation
  • Someone interested and skilled to manage the website/forums/etc, further down the line
  • Someone with a perfect English to correct my silly mistakes

I live in the dirty south of Belgium and thus I speak French natively, I'm studying at the University of Namur, if you happen to live or study nearby.


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