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How to play the game


The game is currently in an open alpha for the XolioZ gamemode. You can obtain a download link for the launcher on it's website, it still lacks an english translation but you should be able to figure that out. Once you've downloaded the launcher you'll have this screen in front of you : At the first startup it will download the game files, subsequent updates will show a prompt and you can always force an update to fix any corrupt files. The game uses the .chunkstories folder for the game data, very much like Minecraft, and you can find it on recent Windows version by doing Win+R, writing “%appdata%” and going to the Roaming folder.

Getting into the game

You have to create an account on the game website first. It's free of course.

You don't log in using the launcher but the client, it'll ask you for a login an a username. If you can't log in, due to no Wi-Fi or something, use “OFFLINE” as an username and you'll be able to log-in as an offline user. (Altought this has no use at all as of now since I don't bundle singleplayer test maps with the game client. ).

As of 2016-12-19 only the XolioZ port experimental server is up, you can connect to it and play, just like the Minecraft version.

You can use /xz play to start a game once you appear at the world spawn.

Minimal configurations and recommendations

The game has already been tested on various configurations and it appears that the minimal requirements for an enjoyable experience are :

* CPU: 3 Ghz dual-core, the game leverages any number of threads the CPU has.
* Memory: 4Gb of DDR2 ( The game requires 1Gb for itself, it can run with less than 4 but it's not advised )
* GPU: OpenGL 3.3 support is required. You don't want anything worse than an HD 5500.
* Disk space: The game uses about 50Mb of disk space and should stay under the 200Mb mark for a while. Using a SSD improves loading times.
* Java 8 is required.

If the game is not running very fast, check out the Options Guide

Pre-alpha debug keys

  • ZQSD to move ( you can change it in the options to wasd )
  • In flymode : SHIFT to go fast, ALT to go even faster
  • F2 to take a screenshot
  • F3 to show/hide debug info
  • F8 takes a 360 degrees screenshot for use as a cubemap (Broken)
  • CTRL-F12 reloads the gamemode and the textures (this is a bad idea on a server)
  • CTRL-R redraws all the chunks
  • E to open inventory
  • SPACE to jump
  • T to chat

Having a problem ?

Check out the Known problems and workarounds page !

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