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File formats

Specific to chunk stories

Extension What is it Format Custom Classes Notes
.voxels Voxels definitions NWP Yes found in voxels/
.materials Voxel materials definitions NWP No Voxels inherit their properties from these
.items Items definitions NWP Yes -
.entities Entities definitions NWP Yes -
.particles Particles types definitions NWP Yes -
.generators World Generators definitons NWP Yes -
.packets Packets definitions NWP Yes Client != Server classes
.inputs Inputs definitions Custom No Not the bindings !
mod.txt Mod declaration Custom No Not named; just a list of properties
meta.txt VoxelTextures mapping config NWP No Pending overhaul; found in voxels/textures/
.model Voxel models Custom No found in voxels/models/
.lang Localization file Custom No braindead-simple, no doc


Extension Name Purpose Notes
.png Portable Network Graphics Textures -
.ogg Ogg Vorbis Sound -
.obj Wavefront obj Models Can use of polygroups for skeletal animation
.bvh Biovision Hierarchy Skeletal animation -
.fs GLSL Fragment Shader -
.gs GLSL Geometry Shader Optional
.vs GLSL Vertex Shader -
.glsl GLSL Generic shader code, importable -
.tff TrueType Fonts -

Random Notes

  • Chunk Stories uses exclusively 32-bit PNGs as image formats.
  • All configuration files are text files encoded using UTF-8.
  • There is a Minecraft Anvil/NBT library bundled in.
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