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Bugs reporting

Bugs do happen, and one of the joys of alpha-testing is finding them !

Crash logs location

The crash logs are located in the logs/ folder in .chunkstories ( %appdata%/Roaming ). They are named to the game's startup date and time and contain relevant information about the game's processes and the possible crash reason.

Launching the game in debug mode

You can run directly the game by going in to the .chunkstories folder and typing

java -Xmx1G -jar chunkstories.jar

into the console. Then you'll be able to see everything the game prints out ( some things are not even in the logs, like partial frametimes in Gbuffers debug mode ) and the crash reason if it does.

Sending a bug report

The game has an automatic logs upload feature that sends your log ( if <300k ) to our servers automatically when you close it, either by will or by force. We may disable it in the feature, or you might want to send it specifically to us, with a little screenshot and text to go with it maybye. You can report these errors at :

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