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Welcome to the Chunk Stories wiki

Welcome to the official Chunk Stories wiki, this place is the home of the players as well as the developers. Here will be all the useful information about the game and how to make content for it, hope you find what you came for !

Getting started

First, you might want to know How to play the game, and if that doesn't work for you you can take a look at : Known problems and workarounds. Wanting to know where we at in the development ? Check out the roadmap !

Making content for Chunk Stories

Chunk Stories is made around the idea of rendering Minecraft modding easily accessible to everyone and letting modders make the content they want without hindering them with obfuscated and crappy, fixed code and rather provide a clean, proper and documented way of doing things, as well as provide them a decent engine to have their stuff run in.

Helping the game development

As a lone developer I have much work to do. You can help me by various means, the simplest and least work-requiring job for you, is to test the game on as many computers as you can and report weird and unintended behaviours. If the game crashes or behaves weirdly, check out the Bugs reporting page to know how to let me know.

You can also help me directly by contributing to the game by doing PR for interesting bug fixes and improvements to the GitHub repositories on GitHub, or even if you are really good consider Joining the team.

Access to this wiki

This wiki is blocked in editing until I create you an account. Contact me if you want to contribute.

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